Best practice

mountain.TRIP developed an approach: Research results have to be communicated actively and professionally. This includes their transformation into a user-friendly format and a customer-oriented language, and their distribution through channels that correspond to the needs and habits of potential users.

Based on this approach mountain.TRIP produced the following outputs:

  • Exemplary communication products plus the insights gained in their production,
  • mountain.SEARCH, a handbook for practitioners on how to find research results and data on European mountains,
  • mountain.WOCUR (pronounced mountainWalker), a wiki-based teaching tool for scientists on how to communicate research results,
  • recommendations and to the EU how to enhance research communication.

Use the examples we have developed as inspiration for your work:

  • Science Sells: Four video clips in which project leaders of research project 'sell' their project to you. They pitch their project in a short video clip.
  • Co-ops in the clouds: Why not produce an animated video to introduce ideas and approaches to marketing mountain products?
  • Carpathian Fine Foods: Set of brochures and workshop – From your farm to everyone’s tables. To be used as role model for stakeholder communications which reach their audience.
  • Olivar Sostenible: Set of posters for a traveling exhibition. Don’t let the scientists design the posters!
  • mountain.SEARCH: sometimes you need a handbook to help people find research results on the internet.
  • The mountain.WOCUR ("walker"): a wiki on communication useful research. Collected insights and knowledge of the mountain.TRIP project team. Helps you to avoid making the same mistakes.