Your access point to European research on sustainable mountain development
To transform research results into practice is the basic challenge for mountain.TRIP. To this aim we are developing prototypes of communication products. mountain.PROJECTS is one of them.
mountain.PROJECTS is a database of European mountain research projects.  It contains mountains of data on sustainable development in European Mountains.

Of course there are other databases of research projects, such as the CORDIS database; the large EU research database. But since a lot of these existing databases are incomplete due to broken links, or do not give the users information about the projects’ results, mountain.TRIP decided to develop a small prototype database which aims at resolving these flaws.

For whom?
Our aim is to make research results accessible in a format that is useful for practitioners.

mountain.Projects offers a user-friendly user interface with various search functions. For each project mountain.Projects offers summaries of the outcomes and of their potential use for practitioners. Plus, of course, the standard project information and documents, and links.
mountain.PROJECTS is under construction!
We need you input in order to improve it constantly.
Please give us your feedback!

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